Topic of week: 16

This was my first time Blogging in this class, so sometimes I got a little overwhelmed and had no clue how to do anything.  A lot of the time I would spend looking at other people’s blogs in hope that it would help me to understand what was going on.  My teachers’ blogs helped a lot too.  She went in to strong detail about what certain things she wanted on my blog. Over all after I got the hang of blogging I started to enjoy it.

Some helpful tips for new PR students for Blogging:

  1. First make sure you know what you teacher is looking for
  2. Find a friend who has a blog or who has blogged before
  3. Look at other peoples blogs to see different types of formats available
  4. Learn how to upload, pictures, videos, and links ASAP
  5. Make sure you stay on top of the blog don’t wait untill the day its do
  6. When people comment on your blogs read them
  7. Follow people who are on top of their blogs
  8. Make sure you tell your teacher were you blog is
  9. Make it fun and a reflection of you
  10. Finally, have fun with it

One thing I would also recommend is making sure you blog is properly formated and looks nice.

The book was also so helpful when it came to formating and information.   Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques

Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal

Check out my other blog: GSU Videos for FootBall Seanson and more.


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Reading Notes:15

In chapter 15 of the text Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques was about giving speeches and presentations.  This chapter was helpful because speeches and presentation are a major part of Event Planning and that the field I want to go in to.  The book went in to great detail about how long they should be and what types of format should be used.  Another thing I liked that the text talked about was how to present yourself and talk to the audience.  I think this chapter should be read by any one who will be giving speeches and presentations that wants to look professional.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Make sure you are dressed professional
  2. Make sure to make eye contact
  3. When printing out memos for the speeches or presentations make sure its dont in the correct format
  4. Know you audience
  5. Give plenty of time for questions

Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal

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PR Conncetions: 10

I decided to watch the new Jessica Simpson reality TV show.  I found that at times it was really slow show, but was interesting and shoed a different side of Jessica, which was good for her PR image.  This is a like to her on the Ellen show about her new show.  I hope you enjoy it.  Jessica Simpson Video. Jessica Teal GSU Video for class is also attached.

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PR Connections: 9

I decided to look up celebrity drama, and etc.  I did this because so many social medias pertain to them: for, example Twitter, and Facebook.  Celebrities get so many followers and stockers, and Social Medias are making tone of cash off of it.  So I looked in to several site for celebrity drama and E-online  is my favorite.  This website has details and dirt on any one who is in the spot light. Dony forget to see the class video for GSU> Jessica

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PR Connections: 8

This web site, Dosh Dosh is awesome it has so much stuff on it and gives you so much information.  This is honestly one of my new favorite sites.  I wanted to share it because it tell you do’s and don’ts, give you other sites  to look at and loads of pictures.  Hope you enjoy it. Georgia Southern, has a class video to view. Jessica Teal

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PR Conncections: 7

A web site I found just goggling and looking at different PR Event Planning first was, Platinum Public Relations .  This website was very cool and has several different parts to it.  Not only for PR but Marketing and Advertisement.  Just wanted to share this link, maybe it can help someone. 

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PR Connections:6

Tim McGraw is coming to Georgia Southern and I found this very interesting.  I feel like this is a great way for southern to get our name out there and raise so money.  The link above will take you to more information and the concert and tell you how to win or buy tickets.  Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal 

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Topic of the week: 15

In this weeks topic of the week, we will be discussing Social Media News Release (SMNR).  A SMNR is an advanced news release.  It is a press release format designed for the online media world.  Pictures, links, videos, and audio, have all been added to spice up the attention value of the release.  PR practitioners are finding that SMNR are a lot better that just the normal news release because of several important reasons.  

The only disadvantage I found was the people who are computer challenged, can’t always make the new SMNR.  Other than that SNMR are the new News Release.

Reasons to use SMNR:

  1. More networks get your information
  2. Availability is much easier
  3. Much more in-depth
  4. Better to look at: pictures, media, audio
  5. Most efficient

PR practitioners should consider using SMNR more than the average News Release because they the simple release but much more. 

Some Websites I found use full when talking about SMNR are:

  1. Slideshare  : This website is interesting and used lots of fun methods to introduce the SMNR.  You can join this website and become part of the network that sends out SMNR on a regular basis. 
  2. Pressitt: This website had a lot of options, and can be used for a lot of stuff.  Check it out its cool.
  3. Pr-squared: This website not only talks about SMNR but it give you different types of templets you can use to help format and write you SMNR.  This site is designed to help you write a professional SMNR, with up-to-date information about formating and SMNRs`.

The information on the post came from our text, Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques if not other wised noted.

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Topic of the week:14

 In the Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling I found a lot of interesting stuff going on.  It was hard to stay focused on one thing because so much stuff was going on.  One of my favorite element of the lab was the games.  There were fun to play and not so hard that you got discouraged.  Matching games are my favorite so I found them very entertaining.  Another element I liked about this lab was it taught you how to pick your story and how to develop it.  Before this lab I had no clue how to make a story board, but in-depth instructions and games taught me how to make a professional one.  It also talked about different way you can report with the media.  I find a lot of time that PR people and journalist don’t always work together and this lab show some of the best was to.  The fourth step about editing the web, was the most helpful and went in great depth about different ways you can improve you WEB experience.

Some of my favorites ways to help your Web page:

  • Keep videos short, preferable 1 or 2 minute
  • Keep talking heads to a few seconds, then switch to “B-roll”
  • Use only hight-quality audio
  • The Web is a visual medium, so be sure to include photos
  • Use Flash to animate them
  • Use for display type: headlines, photo captions
  • Don’t be afraid to use Photoshop to pull  text directly on your photo
  • Text works best for first-person stories, political stories, analysis, op-ed pieces and short updates

The last step of storytelling is to pull the entire story together.  This some times can be hard but with hard work it can be done.  Over all this chapter was a lot of help and I think any one who does not know much about the web should take this course, and interact with it.

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Reading notes: 14

In chapter 14 of Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques, we discussed writing E-mail, memos and proposals.  This chapter interested me because it these are task I feel I will use a lot in the professional world.  Sometimes if I feel like sending to many e-mails or unprofessional memos or proposals can make you look bad.  This chapter goes in-depth about how and why you should send E-mails, memos, and proposals.  This chapter also have percentages of how often PR professionals get e-mails and this surprized me at over 50 a day.  Also, something I found interesting was why you should choice a proposal or a memo and vice versa.

Interesting facts I Found in this chapter:

  • Bad news should come face-to-face
  • A former letter is not the most effective way to respond to a complaint letter
  • A memo can be sent in print or E-mail
  • Any type of letter should have a written record

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