Blog Comments: Week 3!

January 31, 2010 jessicateal1

I think that blog writing has to grow on you and when that happens, you find yourself waiting to read and respond to other people’s blogs. Comments can be a great and successful tool, when it comes to sharing and opening up about your own opinion. Comments can help you share different views with people. If they don’t see stuff in the same light as you it can lead you strait into a comment war! I think that writing effective blog comments can be sometimes easy but complicated. I think the first thing to check is to make sure you don’t use harsh or offensive words about that persons statement, you can say you don’t agree but not attack that person. Also, Making sure you read the entire blog or attachments about that blog is a must if you want to comment. You should also take in to consideration that comments are to be help full and share your thoughts not YELL them. What do you think when people comment on your page? I think you should share that same mentality. Finally, but not least make sure your grammar and word structure is correct, because if you sound like an idiot people will take you as one. After all these people your commenting on in most cases don’t know you and words is all you have that speaking for you. Comments are one of the most important thing about a blog, because after all why would you blog if you didn’t want people to respond to your opinion.


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