Grammar Girl’s website Week 2:

January 31, 2010 jessicateal1

On Grammar Girl’s website, by Mignon Fogarty, in the article Readers share Their Funny Errors, I learned to pay close attention to everything I write from now on. There are all types of errors you can make in life but actually printing them and sending them out seems like the worst after reading this article. In all of her examples I notice that it was words the spell check didn’t check or changed for them, so now I will pay close attention and triple check everything I send out. This article also made me realize that mistakes do happen and you have to evaluate the best way to fix them. It surprised me to find out that not only I ,but people in the professional fields make funny mistakes too. When the jokes not on you, laughing is your response but, if it’s you being called busty at your work place, where you want to respected its entirely a different story. It also surprised me that other professionals that actually did the printing let stuff slip thru, for example Jason printed the cards for the church which said “holy massage from God.” From all of this being said, I would love to know what words spell check change and what words they don’t check. I feel like I should know a lot more about spell check since I do use it every day and, how it formats stuff. Also, how she mentioned her “read it out laud” tip, I find this very useful too, and it has saved me on several occasions.


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