Topic of the Week 4:

February 10, 2010 jessicateal1

In this week’s assignments NewsU Cleaning Your Copy I learned that I should always have my APA style book with me when writing a document or revising one.   Most of the time I found myself successful in AP style but spelling and grammar was an entirely different story. Punctuation also gave me a hard time, but after doing several exercises I found myself getting somewhat better at common mistakes.   The exercise showed me that I really need to work on my formatting and spelling words.   I also learned that I should always double check my work because bad grammar or misspell word can make any written document look very unprofessional.  I was very surprised of how much I actually learned, and that once I got in to the work it didn’t seem like school work at all.  Some of the exercises were games and activity that let me relax and understand what I was doing wrong without yelling or being repetitive.   I think that all students of PR or anything do to with writing should have to take this workshop.  This workshop can be fun but should also be taken seriously because it can show you stuff you need to work on, that could make all the difference in the world when writing written documents.   Over time I would love to know all of the rules for APA, in all areas. I felt like I learned a lot but I still have so much more information I would like to learn. This workshop made me realize that I need to be very aware of little things and my grammar.  From this workshop I will be taken the fact I need to work on my style and spelling a lot.  Over all I enjoyed this workshop and recommend it to all.  It should be taken as a fun way to learn about grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


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