Topic of the Week 6

February 19, 2010 jessicateal1

I think for something to be made news worth it must be several things, but within those several things the topic must be interesting. The first thing I think when I hear news worth is Timely, is the event going on now, is it going to happen in the near future (1 week), or did it already happen. If it’s one of the first two things, than yes I think it is news worth, but the third one can also be news worth if it a evaluation of a event that was popular. The second thing I think is, is it Relevant and this can also have several parts. The first part is what kind of news paper is it in, local or national. If it’s local does it involve the community, or a community adjacent (ex: Statesboro and Metter). Also, it can be newsworthy in a local paper if it’s a tragedy or major event, for example Presidential elections, Michel Jackson’s death, etc. If you’re writing about a drunk driver in New Mexico, I do not think this is news worth in a local paper of Statesboro. If you have a national paper you can write about so much stuff, but a death in a small town is not News Worth. National papers should be information the entire communities get the paper would be interested in hear about. Importance is also one thing I think that needs to evaluate when writing in a paper, is the story worth reading, would you want to hear about it. I don’t think story about a cat in a tree is worth wasting good paper on. Finally, I think is, is the story interesting. Would you want to share this story or read about if you say NO, then it’s probably not interesting. There can be so many things that tells you if a story is News Worth or not but these factors are what I think are!


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