Topic of the Week 7:

March 1, 2010 jessicateal1

This week we had to use Twitter and I found it a little out of my element.  I have never used twitter before and sometimes I found it as a waste of my time.  Between school and work I don’t have time to jump on and look at other peoples Tweets or Tweet myself.  I found myself sometimes having nothing to Tweet about other than quotes I liked, and I don’t think most people would really care about them considering they are Marilyn Monroe quotes.  In most cases I Tweeted because I’m getting a graded on if I Tweet or not and this makes Twitter important to me.  After being on for a few days I read a couple class mates Tweets and followed them, and this allowed me to know what’s going on in other student’s lives.   Also, I followed my professor Twitter for our class and she put up reminders or stuff she thought we would be interested in.  I thought this was cool because she was really involved in the class and wanted to share stuff with us all the time.  I would say they only reason I would keep twitter is if I followed PR twitters and people who are in the PR professional world.  This would be helpful because I would know what’s going on all the time and it would help me keep up to date with people I don’t know individually.  I’m thinking Twitter may grow on me but as of now Twitter and I don’t exactly see eye to eye.  The professional world of PR twitters is where I should be looking and as soon as I get some extra time I will defiantly look in to this more.  Maybe if I found friends or celebrates on twitter I liked it more and it would become more important to me.


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