Topic of the Week 8:

March 1, 2010 jessicateal1

This week we did the The Lead Lab course and I found it a little over the top. This was not one of my favorite workshops we have don’t this course; I found it to be a little difficult to stay interested in. There seemed to be so much going on and I found myself interested in anything but that. When I finally did find something I wanted to work on there was so many different links I had to click on to get there. I did learn some information about news releases over all and found it very helpful. It explained how I could work on my leads to make them become catcher for the readers and how to make sure I know what is important or not. I would like to learn a lot more about over all different types of News Releases and how to make them more professional. I found myself after getting graded on my first NR confused of what I did wrong and how to improve myself. I think that my grammar needs a lot of working on so maybe this workshop could but something in it about how to proof-read the NR or something along those lines. I would also like to know more about what is appropriate in each paragraph in detailed and how much information you should give. I also would like to learn more about the proper way to present information and how long lead should be. The biggest thing that surprised me was the fact there is so much work and information that goes in to a NR. That if you have a bad NR people will just toss it out and your event or whatever it is you’re trying to get out there will not get the proper news it may deserve.


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