Topic of the Week: 9&10

March 29, 2010 jessicateal1

I think that PR OpenMic, is very cool and can be useful in so many ways to so many different types of PR people. Its not only a good idea for students learning about Public Relations, but for people who are all ready involved and in the work filed. For students I think this is a great idea because it shows that many people are willing and wanting to connect and help out this profession. This website enables students to reach out and see what all types of PR are out there. My favorite spot for students is the news letter’s that is posted on your home page telling you about other PR people that are joining. For example, Michelle Vegliante, just added, and her interest and goals were on my page because we have them in common. I think being a part of this website is awesome and can help more students work together. On the professional side I think this website is useful because people are posting wanted ads and people that might be need in the future. This website, is use for both parties on a lot of levels but the major one I think is the fact students can reach out and communicate with professionals. Another, interesting fact is that teachers can get on and communicate with their students and see what type of PR work there students are interested in, and if they can help to better them in that area. One thing that defiantly cough my eye was that you can find stuff out about your teacher’s interest and stuff they have worked on in the past. Over all I enjoyed the PR OpenMic, website and would defiantly recommend it to professional, teachers, and students. I am going to look more in to this website and peruse findings.


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