Topic of the Week: 11

April 19, 2010 jessicateal1

Infographics are computer-generated artwork used to display statistics in the form of a table and charts. There are many ways I could use inforgraphics for my client, one way could be to make a chart using different types of cancers, or show the percent of women who get ovarian cancer. Inforgraphics can be a great way to express or emphasize a certain view or subject. There are several different types of inforgraphics; bar, table, pie, line, and etc. graph. Each graph has several different advantages and disadvantage. My favorite type of graph is bar, because there are several different way you can format them, as well as different types and colors. To create these different types of graphs you can use Word or Excel. Word is the much easier way to make graphs but Excel can specials your graph to you every need. I like to use Excel because I find it having more tools available for use and my needs. In Word all you have to do to make a graph is click insert then chart, and from there it takes you step by step until you have created the graph you want. Excel you can do the same thing but you have tons of more options, and you can format and move stuff were ever you want it. They only bad thing about Excel is you need to know the program well to be able to accomplish some of the task. Over all inforgraphics can be of great use for stories or to help get you point across.
This is an inforgraph of different types of media.


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