Topic of the Week: 12

April 19, 2010 jessicateal1

The first one I listened to was For Immediate Release, this was basically interviews with different types of professionals in the working field. The few I listened to was Christian Gunning, form Boingo. This was a communication professional that talked about different stuff their company used and how they use them. I think listening to him first showed me how different types of professionals talk in interviews, and how they handle different questions. I liked the interview because it was easy to hear and didn’t take long to download. This also talked about different issues the company was having and how they handled the situation and one of the ways was having the interview onFor Immediate Release. Which I thought this was a great idea and helped reach out to their customers.
     The second site I visited was, Inside PR this was a talk show to me that talked about several different thing with different host. It was different from the first one because it seemed for more entertainment purposes, and was not over one particular thing. This particular show I listened to was the 200th show so it was really over all old stuff that happen and no new news. I liked the first website better just because they seemed more me. This last website used humorous jester I didn’t think was funny so it was hard to stay tuned in.
     The last show I watched wasMarketing Over Coffee. I thought this website was cool because you could watch and listen to site at the same time. This was fun because if you didn’t know what they’re talking about you could watch it. The show I watched was “making it go faster” and this actually thought me something about my computer. This site was not that entertaining but thought me something so I thought it was worth watching.


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