Topic of the week: 15

April 27, 2010 jessicateal1

In this weeks topic of the week, we will be discussing Social Media News Release (SMNR).  A SMNR is an advanced news release.  It is a press release format designed for the online media world.  Pictures, links, videos, and audio, have all been added to spice up the attention value of the release.  PR practitioners are finding that SMNR are a lot better that just the normal news release because of several important reasons.  

The only disadvantage I found was the people who are computer challenged, can’t always make the new SMNR.  Other than that SNMR are the new News Release.

Reasons to use SMNR:

  1. More networks get your information
  2. Availability is much easier
  3. Much more in-depth
  4. Better to look at: pictures, media, audio
  5. Most efficient

PR practitioners should consider using SMNR more than the average News Release because they the simple release but much more. 

Some Websites I found use full when talking about SMNR are:

  1. Slideshare  : This website is interesting and used lots of fun methods to introduce the SMNR.  You can join this website and become part of the network that sends out SMNR on a regular basis. 
  2. Pressitt: This website had a lot of options, and can be used for a lot of stuff.  Check it out its cool.
  3. Pr-squared: This website not only talks about SMNR but it give you different types of templets you can use to help format and write you SMNR.  This site is designed to help you write a professional SMNR, with up-to-date information about formating and SMNRs`.

The information on the post came from our text, Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques if not other wised noted.


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