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April 27, 2010 jessicateal1

 In the Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling I found a lot of interesting stuff going on.  It was hard to stay focused on one thing because so much stuff was going on.  One of my favorite element of the lab was the games.  There were fun to play and not so hard that you got discouraged.  Matching games are my favorite so I found them very entertaining.  Another element I liked about this lab was it taught you how to pick your story and how to develop it.  Before this lab I had no clue how to make a story board, but in-depth instructions and games taught me how to make a professional one.  It also talked about different way you can report with the media.  I find a lot of time that PR people and journalist don’t always work together and this lab show some of the best was to.  The fourth step about editing the web, was the most helpful and went in great depth about different ways you can improve you WEB experience.

Some of my favorites ways to help your Web page:

  • Keep videos short, preferable 1 or 2 minute
  • Keep talking heads to a few seconds, then switch to “B-roll”
  • Use only hight-quality audio
  • The Web is a visual medium, so be sure to include photos
  • Use Flash to animate them
  • Use for display type: headlines, photo captions
  • Don’t be afraid to use Photoshop to pull  text directly on your photo
  • Text works best for first-person stories, political stories, analysis, op-ed pieces and short updates

The last step of storytelling is to pull the entire story together.  This some times can be hard but with hard work it can be done.  Over all this chapter was a lot of help and I think any one who does not know much about the web should take this course, and interact with it.


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