Topic of week: 16

April 28, 2010 jessicateal1

This was my first time Blogging in this class, so sometimes I got a little overwhelmed and had no clue how to do anything.  A lot of the time I would spend looking at other people’s blogs in hope that it would help me to understand what was going on.  My teachers’ blogs helped a lot too.  She went in to strong detail about what certain things she wanted on my blog. Over all after I got the hang of blogging I started to enjoy it.

Some helpful tips for new PR students for Blogging:

  1. First make sure you know what you teacher is looking for
  2. Find a friend who has a blog or who has blogged before
  3. Look at other peoples blogs to see different types of formats available
  4. Learn how to upload, pictures, videos, and links ASAP
  5. Make sure you stay on top of the blog don’t wait untill the day its do
  6. When people comment on your blogs read them
  7. Follow people who are on top of their blogs
  8. Make sure you tell your teacher were you blog is
  9. Make it fun and a reflection of you
  10. Finally, have fun with it

One thing I would also recommend is making sure you blog is properly formated and looks nice.

The book was also so helpful when it came to formating and information.   Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques

Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal

Check out my other blog: GSU Videos for FootBall Seanson and more.


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