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PR Conncetions: 10

I decided to watch the new Jessica Simpson reality TV show.  I found that at times it was really slow show, but was interesting and shoed a different side of Jessica, which was good for her PR image.  This is a like to her on the Ellen show about her new show.  I hope you enjoy it.  Jessica Simpson Video. Jessica Teal GSU Video for class is also attached.


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PR Connections: 9

I decided to look up celebrity drama, and etc.  I did this because so many social medias pertain to them: for, example Twitter, and Facebook.  Celebrities get so many followers and stockers, and Social Medias are making tone of cash off of it.  So I looked in to several site for celebrity drama and E-online  is my favorite.  This website has details and dirt on any one who is in the spot light. Dony forget to see the class video for GSU> Jessica

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PR Connections: 8

This web site, Dosh Dosh is awesome it has so much stuff on it and gives you so much information.  This is honestly one of my new favorite sites.  I wanted to share it because it tell you do’s and don’ts, give you other sites  to look at and loads of pictures.  Hope you enjoy it. Georgia Southern, has a class video to view. Jessica Teal

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PR Conncections: 7

A web site I found just goggling and looking at different PR Event Planning first was, Platinum Public Relations .  This website was very cool and has several different parts to it.  Not only for PR but Marketing and Advertisement.  Just wanted to share this link, maybe it can help someone. 

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PR Connections:6

Tim McGraw is coming to Georgia Southern and I found this very interesting.  I feel like this is a great way for southern to get our name out there and raise so money.  The link above will take you to more information and the concert and tell you how to win or buy tickets.  Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal 

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PR Connections 5:

I liked this blog because it talks about this new upcoming thing called I think this could be interesting and might be something fun for us to watch.

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PR Connections: 4

Really liked this web site seems to have a lot of information on it. It also introduced me to a lot of stuff and I like how it’s not just America but the world. Think everyone should check it out!

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PR Connections 3: Jessica Simpson speaks out!

I can’t wait for Jessica Simpson to speak out about John mayors. He seems to messing up a lot right not but talking about someone you dated does not seem to be the right answer. I think she had every right to stand up and speak for herself and dong it on the opera show is the best place to do it. I think he maybe just saying all this stuff about her because he has nothing going on for him and talking about someone else might make him feel better.

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PR: Connections 2

I thought this blog over all was just cool, and shared a lot of information. I think the blog hits on a lot of topics and would be nice to share.

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PR: Connection 1

I like this Public Relations because it had good information about what people may not be telling you about you work. I thought this was interesting and wanted to share it. Here is the website:

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