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Reading Notes:15

In chapter 15 of the text Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques was about giving speeches and presentations.  This chapter was helpful because speeches and presentation are a major part of Event Planning and that the field I want to go in to.  The book went in to great detail about how long they should be and what types of format should be used.  Another thing I liked that the text talked about was how to present yourself and talk to the audience.  I think this chapter should be read by any one who will be giving speeches and presentations that wants to look professional.

Some helpful hints:

  1. Make sure you are dressed professional
  2. Make sure to make eye contact
  3. When printing out memos for the speeches or presentations make sure its dont in the correct format
  4. Know you audience
  5. Give plenty of time for questions

Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal


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Reading notes: 14

In chapter 14 of Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques, we discussed writing E-mail, memos and proposals.  This chapter interested me because it these are task I feel I will use a lot in the professional world.  Sometimes if I feel like sending to many e-mails or unprofessional memos or proposals can make you look bad.  This chapter goes in-depth about how and why you should send E-mails, memos, and proposals.  This chapter also have percentages of how often PR professionals get e-mails and this surprized me at over 50 a day.  Also, something I found interesting was why you should choice a proposal or a memo and vice versa.

Interesting facts I Found in this chapter:

  • Bad news should come face-to-face
  • A former letter is not the most effective way to respond to a complaint letter
  • A memo can be sent in print or E-mail
  • Any type of letter should have a written record

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Reading notes:12

In chapter 12 of Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques, we talked about Tapping the Web and New Media.  This chapter was a lot of information, and stuff I feel will be very important when I become a professional.  It talked about different ways we cold talk to the media and how to send certain releases.  This chapter also talked about planning web-sites, and information you should know before hand, like know your audience.

Some fun other fast facts:

  1. Use high quality pictures and video clips
  2. Make sure you website is professional
  3. Keep media clips clear and crisp
  4. A Web site is a cost-effective method of disseminating information, on a global basis, to the public and journalist.



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Reading notes:11

In chapter 11 of Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques, we talked about how to get along with journalist and how in handle interviews. I found this very help full because I think one of major problems PR practitioners have with journalist is communication and respect. This chapter helped me understand great ways to break through this trend and make the work area as respectfully and efficient as possible.

Fast facts I found helpful:

  • Try to remain respectful
  • Communication is key
  • Dont try to over step you boundaries
  • Make sure you know their dead lines
  • Dont call to much or leave messages
  • Dont re-send press releases

I also found this chapter helpful because it went in-depth about types of meeting and when they should be held.


Also see the class Video for Georgia Southern. Jessica Teal

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Chapter 10:

In chapter 10 of Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques  we read about distributing new to the media. I found this chapter unusually use full because it talks about different ways to reach the media and use full tips. We also learned that certain data bases will show you how to reach different types of media gatekeepers and who we should send what to. It text also talks about how we should send emails and how online resources can be to my advantage. The one thing I did not think would be in this chapter was electronic wire service, but learned that many distribute their news releases and stuff this way. One this chapter went over was cost of distribution, and to me it’s always interesting to know the cost of items or services.

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Chapter 9:

In chapter 9 of Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques we talked about writing for Radio and Television. This is the most important chapter I feel we have read so far. This chapter talks about stuff I feel is very important for my profession. We hit a lot of basis and the number one is the different types of new releases. I find that being able to make a good release will help for you to stand out and make you clients or boss, more willing to give you the job. I also liked the fact that this chapter went of the format for all the releases, and what makes each one so different. Public Service Announcements were also covered in this chapter and this is particularly use for me because I’m thinking about going in to a filed were these are very common. Over all I enjoyed this chapter.

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Chapter 8:

In this chapter of the book, Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques we talked about selecting publicity photos and graphics. This chapter I thought was cool because it not only talked about pictures but quality and different angles you can go for. I also learned that subject matter is particularly important when picking a photo, because it can make or break you idea. These are so many different parts of camera angles you can go for as well as lighting and timing, and color. I think this chapter is really important for any Public Relations person because we should know bits and parts about everything in our area. Also, I found how different styles of sizing and cropping can be a major role in the outcome of the picture.

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Ch 7:

This chapter of the text Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques talked a lot of feature stories and how they should be written and formatted. I think this will be very helpful because features stories can open a lot of doors in the professional filed. This chapter also talks about the best methods of how to reach certain target audiences. It also talks about photographs and how they can be very influencing in how many people read your article. The best thing about this chapter I think is the fact it tells you were certain articles or elements go; such as what types of magazines or newspapers.

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Chapter 6:

I liked this chapter because it talked about different types of work I could be doing in the PR filed. The text Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques talked about which way of getting across you clients idea is most effective. It also talked about deadlines and how long stuff should be, like emails or media advisories. It also gave a detailed list of what should be in certain items such as corporate profiles and feature stories. This chapter I liked a lot because it interest me in knowing everything about what I could be doing one day. This chapter is a good reminder of the entire different task I could be responsible for and how to do them. Also I think that I will reverence back to this chapter doing the rest of the semester and when I’m in the work field.

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Ch 5:

Chapter 5 has been my favorite chapter out of all the ones I have read. This chapter talks about news releases and media kits, and they are one of my favorite aspects of Public Relations. The chapter goes in to details about the guide line for formatting and types of released, which I think is so important. I think this chapter is excellent source for making sure you hit all the guide lines and parts of media kits. Also, it talks about Bad news and how it can damage the reputation of the client or organization for a long time. It also tells you how to try and fix the bad news reputation, which I find helpful. Over all loved the chapter.

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